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JSC Rikor Electronics

    Manufacturing service
Contract manufacturing includes:
- fitting up the electric devices based on SMD
- mounting line (Philips) and DIP
- mounting using soldering stations
- case shaped components’ production
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1. Настольная витрина (со стеклом)
2. Шкаф холодильный ШХ-1,4
3. Водонагреватель ЭПВН-48

   · Сдаем в аренду производственный двухэтажный корпус общей площадью 9789 м2. К корпусу подведены все коммуникации: отопление, электроэнергия, вода, водооборотная система, сжатый воздух.




In March 2006 in accordance with the resolution of the annual general meeting JSC "ARP" was renamed as JSC "Rikor Electronics". "Arzamas Radioelement Plant" was established in 1966 as an electronic industry enterprise.

During the period of market-type reforms the plant has been involved in engineering and batch production of auto parts for car factories, motor plants and after-market parts. The plant has risen the ranks from a small batch to the serial production. The current International Quality Management System ISO helped the plant to consolidate its position in domestic market.

Several directions for the development have been formed here:
- Producing the 40 types of variable resistors (including wire-wound, cermet and carbon-resin lacquer resistors) which are widely used in other industries.
- Producing the 30 types of auto parts including throttle valve position sensors for AvtoVAZ and GAZ automobiles, temperature sensors, electric pedals for diesel engines, heater control valve for GAZelle automobiles and others.

All the output products have Certificate of conformity.

We widely use the following manufacturing procedures:

- Machining by applying CNC machine, sliding head auto, modular machines;
- Forming methods such as stamping the complicated parts by means of rotary machine, exacting stamping on the small-sized pneumatic presses, bulk forming of aluminium-alloy base members, cold heading;
- Plastic casting of complex parts with the use of forming machines made in Germany and India;
- Casting of reinforced parts with the use of vertical molding machines;
- Hydraulic forging of thermosetting plastic and rubber components;
- Screen-printing equipment and techniques (silkscreening);
- Electrodeposition with the application of automatic transfer lines.

Production works is supported by the well-appointed tool production equipped with modern machinery (including foreign equipment). It is also supported by manufacturing the special mechanized and computer-aided manufacturing facilities.

All the progress of the plant is based on the perfect workforce, technological and productive capacity. JSC "Rikor Electronics" has a reputation of a reliable company that fulfils its obligations to consumers.

Our enterprise is interested in increasing the volume of output, therefore we offer a partnership to all the interested contractors to realize new investing projects for a wide range of consumers.


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